MARKETING people knows that nowadays, selling product usually involve a stiff competition. A single can product can have have more than 10 producing company. For example, toothpaste, we have Colgate, Darlie, Fresh and White, Safi, Mukmin etc. Most product are at highest quality so it's hard for consumer to determine which is the best to buy. Due to this situation, a lot of production have taken initiative to attract more customer using the product packaging. I am talking about very AWESOME packaging!! I gathered from the net some of the clever packaging to be enjoyed.

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What's special about Rough Draft is it could be about anything. By anything means from bad things to nicest thing. That's awesome. On last post, I try be an expert on roads and give some tips on how to attract authorities to repair roads at your neighbourhood. Now I wanna try to be a doctor and explain to you about some weird medical problem that happens around us. We should be aware that as time pass, technology grew, so is new health problem grows. For instance, back the in stone age, Mr Flinstone never heard about HIV or AIDS since I'm quite sure they don't have weird interest on taking least not with needle. Back in zaman Kesultanan Melaka, I don't think road accidents happens, Sultan don't have to worry about placing AES or stuff. 

Ok enough mumbling, here are some weird medical problem that some of us never even heard about it before. 12 picture to be enjoy. Please click HERE for full story. 1 picture need parent guide so if ya under 18, go read about salt...please...haha


Anda ada masalah jalan berlubang di kawasan anda tinggal? Walaupun drive sambil tutup mata pun anda boleh mengelak lubang-lubang tuh sebab daripada anda kecik lubang tuh dah memang ada kat situ dan mana-mana pihak pun tak penah teringat nak tolong tampung? Hehe, saya berlegar-legar kat online magazine tadik dan terjumpa cara-cara untuk repair lubang tuh dengan cepat. Apa yang anda perlukan adalah:

1) Cat
2) Imaginasi
3) Keberanian

Sila klik paparan penuh untuk mengetahui cara-caranya...hehehhehehe....