Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, Paris

Lead to success by the immensely talented superstar chef, Alain Ducasse, the Plaza Athenee is Europe’s finest dining experience. This top Parisian restaurant continues to draw crowds on an international scale (and at some 200 pounds per meal, we certainly hope they’re leaving fully satisfied!)

Solo Per Due, Italy

Hate overcrowded restaurants or the hussle and bussle of your favourite eateries? Why not look into Italy’s own Solo Per Due- a uniquely personal dining experience made for just you and your significant other. But if you’re thinking a two-man restaurant couldn’t possibly keep their bills paid, just take a look at the prices: a hefty $500 per person (and that doesn’t include your wine!)

Sketch, London

Another of Europe’s most extravagant dining experiences, Sketch (modelled like a library in the centre of London) charges up to $300 for entrees and a massive $500 for mains.

Masa, New York

A shopping mall might not be where you expect to find New York’s most expensive restaurant, but that’s exactly where you’ll find Masa- a temple like structure that seats a mere twenty six guests at approximately $500 per meal.

Il Teatro, Macau

Located in the extravagant centre of Sin City itself, this Las Vegas based restaurant boasts not only the finest dining in North America, but also a spectacular water, light and fire show which entertains guests every fifteen minutes while they enjoy their hundred dollar meals.

French Laundry, California

Chef Thomas Keller, a world renowned food connoisseur, has led this restaurant to vast critical and economic success. If you book a mere two months in advance, you might be lucky enough to sample some of the world’s most exquisite ingredients transformed into masterpiece meals, ranging anywhere from $180-$300.

Ithaa, Maldives

The Maldives boasts the world’s first underwater restaurant, Ithaa, built five metres below sea level at a reported cost of almost six million Australian dollars. Diners game enough to splurge at the seafood-themed extravaganza will splash out a cool $300 dollars for a 23 course meal.

El Bulli, Spain

Open for only 6 months of the year, El Bulli receives a whopping 500,000 enquiries for seating per season. This is largely due to the brilliance of chef, Ferran Adria, who spends the remainder of his year inventing new and exotic dishes to integrate into his 30 course meal of over $400 per head.

Aragawa, Tokyo

If you thought that the Japanese couldn’t grill a good steak, you’d be seriously wrong. Aragawa is Japan’s best restaurant- a seemingly humble steak house which charges up to $450 for a main meal, but guarantees the most memorable Kobe beef you’ll ever taste.

Eagle Ski Club, Switzerland

While the restaurant itself may not leave you taking out a bank loan, this mountaintop restaurant makes the list due to its exceedingly high membership costs- an easy $50,000 dollars and a waiting list of up to three years!


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